About Us


Here at DefiniTea, we definitely love tea.  We also know the little details in how tea is prepared can make all the difference in the world.  We are on a mission to help tea lovers brew tea differently, through smaller rapid infusions.  We believe that the centuries old eastern tea-making art known as gongfu cha is the best way of extracting the full flavor from loose tea leaves and preventing the bitterness that comes from overbrewing.  Sometimes referred to as kung fu cha, it translates to “tea with great skill and discipline”.  Whether you are new to gongfu cha or looking to add to your collection, DefiniTea is here for you!

From the health benefits, to the intricate flavors, we cherish our daily tea.  We especially love the friendships we've formed and nurtured over a cup of tea.  Here at DefiniTea, we know that whether you drink tea in the morning, afternoon, or evening, you cherish those moments just as we do. It's so much more than just a warm beverage in your hand.  It replenishes your body and rejuvenates your soul. 

We've been on a lifelong search to provide the most exquisitely handcrafted tea pots and tea cups in the world.  Our artisans have trained for years in the specific art of making handmade tea ware.  In many cases it's an art that has been passed down over the generations.  We strive every day to provide the most enjoyable experience with a cup of tea imaginable.  

We appreciate your support.


The DefiniTea Team