Touming™ Magnetic Drip Tea Maker
Touming™ Magnetic Drip Tea Maker
Touming™ Magnetic Drip Tea Maker
Touming™ Magnetic Drip Tea Maker
Touming™ Magnetic Drip Tea Maker

Touming™ Magnetic Drip Tea Maker

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Touming™ Magnetic Drip Tea Maker

Brew Tea Differently

The Touming™ Drip Tea Maker  (powered only by the forces of gravity and magnetism) is designed to bring both aesthetic and convenience to tea lovers who practice the eastern tea-making art known as gongfu cha.  Sometimes referred to as kung fu cha,  it translates to “tea with great skill and discipline”.  Whether you are new to gongfu cha or looking to add to your collection, the Touming™ drip infuser is for you!

Why Touming is for you

Don’t Over Brew Your Tea - tea drinkers are all too familiar with stepping away from a steeping mug only to return later on to find it bitter and lukewarm.  Unfortunately the western tradition of steeping for 3 to 5 minutes combined with our short attention spans causes us to be distracted for just long enough to end up with an over-brewed tea.  However, the Touming Drip Tea Maker is designed for gongfu cha brewing which uses shorter infusions of only 1 to 2 minutes.  The strength of your brew is controlled by adding more tea leaves, not by extending the steeping time.  The Touming Tea Maker is deliberately designed to make small, concentrated infusions that yield a stronger brew with naturally  sweet flavors.  Because the brew time is shorter, you won’t have time to become distracted and overbrew your tea.

Extract the Most From Every Tea Leaf - Whole leaf teas develop more flavors during the infusion process as the leaf slowly expands.  Therefore whole leaf teas benefit from multiple short, rapid  infusions.  The rapid, short infusions have two benefits.  First, they will prevent the bitterness that comes from over-brewing and second they don’t allow time for wet leaves to be left too long between brews to lose flavor.  The clear glass infuser allows for closely watching your infusion so you can choose the exact moment to pour your tea. So trade in the large mug and start brewing with the Touming infuser.  Begin practicing gongfu cha by combining three infusions to fill just one teacup and savor the richness of flavor.

Refine Your Palate - Traditional gonfu cha style serves tea in small cups.  There are many benefits to drinking tea in smaller cups. Smaller volume cups help the tea cool more quickly so that heat doesn’t get in the way of your tongue detecting more subtleties of the tea’s flavor profile.  Smaller cups also encourage sips rather than big gulps which helps any tea drinker time to train and refine their palate.  Connoisseurs prefer to brew in the gongfu cha style for these very reasons.  Drinking different varieties of teas in a mug can taste nearly identical when consumed from a mug.  A gongfu cha tea tasting, on the other hand, will reveal the intricate details of the tea’s provenance, harvest date, or craftsmanship.

Based on the two natural forces of gravity and magnetism , Touming’s design is both simple yet ingenious!  When the included Touming teapot is removed from underneath the infuser, the stainless steel ball seals the opening, preventing tea from flowing.  Simply by placing the teapot under  the infuser causes  the tea to freely flow into the teapot.    Experience the flavorful world of gong fu cha where a few simple changes of brewing in a smaller pot and combining multiple infusions into a smaller cup will give you a stronger, better tasting brew.  Perhaps your best brew ever.

Touming is the ultimate choice- Experience the full flavor of tea the way it was meant to be enjoyed and even when you’re not brewing tea enjoy its eye-catching beauty!  


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS Glass Infuser 350ml (12 oz.)

Glass Teapot 300ml (10 oz.)


Glass Infuser
Glass Teapot
Wood Stand

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I ordered a teapot for my other half and it came in time for Christmas... I was blown away! So beautiful! And the [DefiniTea] team were so helpful and accommodating. I couldn't ask for a better shopping experience.. I highly recommend!!!

Wayne E.
London, UK

LITERALLY spinning over my new @definiteashop "Gyroshin Rotating Teapot Set" in - GOLD. It fully rotates and has a builtin filter! When I saw this set on their website i HAD to try it out for myself. I FULLY LOVE it and feel elegant pouring my tea.

Sammi Barber
Toronto, CA

My husband gifted me with the tea set for my birthday and I absolutely love it. The craftsmanship and the presentation is gorgeous and of course the tea is delicious. I'd give it 5 starts if I could figure out how to so here they are.

Janine W.
Villa Rica, Georgia

I just received mine! It is well made and came in very protective packaging. If you're an avid tea drinker this should be in your collection You won't be disappointed.

Liana T.
Wilmington, DE

Really happy with my purchase. Looks and works exactly as expected. Would highly recommend!

Skyla D.

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